zaterdag 29 september 2018

There was a time

There was a time I went to school and didn’t realize you could have been my true love.

There was a time love songs determined my life.
There was a time when the storm raged through my dreams
as a painful tsunami.

There was a moment you filled my heart with joy and sweetness.
There was a moment you kissed my wounded soul.
There was an evening you stroke my hair
and listened to the sound of my breath.

There was a night I was sleeping in your arms.
It felt like it was our one and only night…
As if you were a soldier who left the following day …
to never come back.

There was a time I adored you and I cried for you.
There was a time I terribly missed you.
But now there’s a time to close windows and doors.
Today it’s definitely time to turn the page.

Door Ineke Verhagen
5 januari 2016

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