zaterdag 29 september 2018

A beautiful walk

We made a walk
and it became a walk to the stars.
Little raindrops were falling down
and the wind was blowing.
We talked about long lost lovers and friendship,
and you said the words I always wanted to hear.

While my heart was screaming inside
you just took my hand and it felt like coming home.
Your eyes were telling so much more than all the
beautiful things I’ve ever seen in the world.
It feels like I’m in love for the first time again.

When it got dark and it became colder,
you took me in your arms and gave me all the
answer chords I was looking for.
You kissed me so sweetly that I almost started crying.
I never met such a kind and warm person like you.

We laughed about the same things,
we sang the same songs,
we felt the same pain
and we shared the same emotions.

You asked me to go walking
and I never regretted it … not for one second.
I want to keep walking with you every single day
from now till the end of the time.
And when I go asleep I’ll take you to my dreams.

Door Ineke Verhagen
30 maart 2014

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