zaterdag 29 september 2018

Goodbye my soulmate

You passed my way on a cloudy day.
You came for one season
and maybe for just one reason.

I needed you to find myself.
You sang one single song
and I found my inner voice.

No wedding bells were ringing,
no promises were made,
so none could be broken.

You appeared to learn me something.
I held your hand for a while
and carried your sorrow.

Finding you was meant to be.
Your weakness made me strong
and now I know so much more.

We met each other on a Friday.
We left on a Monday.
But no day was long enough.

Letting you go is terribly painful…
and hardly the worst thing I can do.
But I’ll always remember you as my soulmate.

Door Ineke Verhagen
29 augustus 1014

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