zaterdag 29 september 2018

I'il aways remember

I’ll always remember
that day in September.
My sweetheart came along,
while the birds were singing an amazing song.
His eyes were shining so bright
that I never forget that wonderful sight.

He was joking and smiling all the time,
and I could hardly believe he was mine.
While I listened to the sound of his voice,
I just knew I made the right choice.
His sweetness and his lovely touch,
made me love him so much!

But suddenly the earth stopped turning,
and the world around us was burning.
A dream became a nightmare,
and war seemed to be everywhere.
If I had known this before,
I would have given him much more!

From one moment to another,
we were miles away from each other.
I have been hoping and praying,
and didn’t care what people were saying,
But there was nothing left behind …
No picture, no kiss, only a memory in my mind.

That’s what I remember,
about that day in September.

Door Ineke Verhagen
11 september 2016

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