zaterdag 29 september 2018

I miss you...

Sometimes it feels like the sun can’t come up without you.
There was a day you appeared in my life as a stranger.
Now you’re like an angel passing though my heart.

You didn’t say hello,
and you never said goodbye.
No words were needed to get to know each other.
Just one look and one smile told us an unspoken truth.
It just felt like I knew you since I was born.

I miss you …

In my dreams you’re walking next to me.
You’re not holding my hand, but your face is telling me everything.
There’s no distance between us, because I always come home to you.
But when I’m awake you’re walking further and further away.

You were my right hand and my soulmate.
When I lost my way, you were the translator of my thoughts.
While the world around us kept turning, and time was flying …
We were talking and laughing every lost second.

I miss you …

From time to time we meet people in our lives.
Sometimes we make friends.
And some friends steal our hearts.
But if they go their own way, they leave a void behind.

You are one of those very special people, and it’s a real gift to have you in my life.
So instead of missing you, I will remember all the wonderful hours and days we’ve shared together.
Because my heart was waiting to give you a warm and save place.

Door Ineke Verhagen
op 22 december 2013

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