zondag 30 september 2018

Christmas will never be the same without you


Christmas will never be the same without you.
No twinkling lights, no warmth, no snow …

Something has been taken away from me.
There are no presents under the tree, no kisses, no hugs for me.

The memories of the child in me are slowly fading away.
How can I accept?

Christmas time is just a time to remember you.

Something is changing inside and around me.
It’s been taking a long time, but it still hurts my soul.

I don’t believe in miracles, and I can’t change the past,
or build the future by myself.
I need somebody who will hold my hand when rain is falling down instead of snow.
Someone who keeps me warm under the Christmas tree.

Christmas time means nothing to me since you’re so far away.
Whish I could send you a postcard or give you a call,
but there are no houses or no phones in heaven.

I know you’re not coming back, and time never stops.
But stars will always shine above me, and my love will never die.
And as long as I believe, an angel will send my message to you …

Merry Christmas daddy

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